BioPro Expo covers the entire biomass processing spectrum for multiple industries and offers access to customers who are interested in a wide range of technologies and equipment. Whether you are a supplier of large transportation equipment, advanced conversion technology or are a company looking to purchase renewable energy, BioPro Expo connects you with serious buyers in the bionenergy field.

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In addition to an exhibit presence, you can increase your exposure by taking advantage of BioPro Exp sponsorship opportunities.

It will also feature extra benefits:

Why Exhibit?
BioPro Expo is focused on linking biomass resource providers with suppliers of equipment, equipment accessories, chemicals, services, software and technology, along with engineering firms, consulting firms and energy corporation.

BioPro Expo is an opportunity for bio equpment, product and serivce providers to reach their customers directly without the "middle man." This marketing and branding opportunity is ideal for both established companies that want to showcase the value of their products and services, as well as companies new to the bio arena.

Interested in exhibiting or sponsorship opportunities? Contact Arnie Wolfson, Arnie Wolfson, (781) 727-5771