The Business Leaders Forum

BioPro will provide a gathering place for industry leaders to meet and informally discuss key issues and opportunities in biomass utilization. This is the first forum of its kind to bring all ‘bands’ of the bioenergy spectrum together into a single event sharply focused on business advancements for the industry as a whole as well as improved technologies and processes to help the world meet critical biofuels goals in the near future.

The Business Leaders Forum will be an open dialog for leading bioenergy and biofuel companies to explore overlapping/common interests and operations as the U.S. pushes toward its EISA goals and as other countries work toward their counterpart targets over the next several years. Key objectives will be to identify, examine, and analyze current, on-going challenges and obstacles to bioenergy deployment and explore answers and solutions possible through better coordination and cooperation among today’s producers and suppliers in all technology areas.

The Business Leaders Forum includes a series of roundtable discussions, mini-symposiums, and customized meetings/presentations with over 20+ major industry participantsfrom the technology development, biopower, and cellulosic as well as corn/grain ethanol production sides of the biofuels arena, including the forest/paper industries. During these special meetings, global bioenergy experts will share knowledge, insights, perspectives, and viewpoints on challenges the US and global industry faces as it finally begins a serious transition to alternative fuels.

Business Leaders Forum Schedule

How can you participate?

Custom Appointments – set up and offer custom meeting space between your company and other company and/or supplier executives of your choosing.

Limited Seating Presentations – register early and reserve your spot at the BioPro Corporate Overview Sessions. Companies will provide strategic overviews.

Some activities will have limited attendance for BioPro and IBBC conference and exhibit attendees. Be sure to register early so that you are eligible to participate in any open events.

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